My Books

Okay, so they're not all physical books!

They are all available to watch on YouTube...

The Wizard and the Frog


Join a young wizard on his quest to turn his pet cat back from being a frog!

Help comes in unexpected forms and the ending is happier than he could ever have imagined...

Illustrated in a cartoon-and-pattern style using a pack of Sharpies - colourful characters and a classic Fairy Tale storyline combine in this rhyming companion-piece to The Princess and the Pirate.

"Once upon a moonlit night,

A wizard and a frog took flight, 

Up through the clouds, 

Out over the ocean,

To gather the parts of a magic potion..."

The Schwa

A young girl can't sleep.

She goes downstairs to see her dad but his reaction surprises them both!

Simple black ink illustrations accompany the rhyming text in this cautionary tale.

It's not as scary as it first appears...

"It's very late, my darling,

You shouldn't be about,

The night is dark, it's cold outside,

That's when the Schwa comes out!"

The Three Billy Goats Bob
and the Bizarre Building Competition

Join the Three Billy Goats Bob as they battle the Big Bad Wolf and the Troll.

With the help of Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and a host of fairy tale favourites, they attempt to win 1,000 gold coins in The Bizarre Building Competition.

A crazy, mixed-up, tongue-twisting fairy tale.

Once upon a time there were three billy goats all called Bob...

The Princess and the Pirate


A rhyming, rollercoaster ride of love found and love lost on the high seas; featuring a pirate, a princess, a queen, a sea dragon and, of course, a talking cat! Touching on themes of love, loneliness, tragic loss and reunion; with rich, challenging language and containing elements of familiar fairy tales, this story will enchant young children and their parents alike.
The illustrations are bright and vibrant with a dream-like quality. They bring the text to life with my unique perspective and unusual imagination. Untypical of a modern picture book, these are real paintings in real paint

"Once upon a fairy tale,
A princess and her cat set sail,
To chase the wind,
And jump the waves,
And play amongst the smugglers’ caves…"

Limited quantities of the printed book still exist, please email me if you are interested in purchasing one.